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"Blue Orchid" is a rock song by the The White Stripes from their album, Get Behind Me Satan, released as a single in 2005. The song, though basic and riff-driven like much of The White Stripes material, was noticeably different from any of their previous recordings, with a bizarre disco flavor in Jack White's mannered falsetto vocals and Meg White's insistent drum beats underscoring the huge, metallic, processed guitar riffs.

The recorded sound is produced by two guitars playing almost in unison, and each digitally combined with their own signal an octave lower[1]. Live, the sound is produced by a bass-rich guitar tone, used in combination with a whammy pedal to create the heavily metallic sounding breaks of the song ("How dare you, how old are you now anyway" and "get behind me, get behind me now anyway".)

The single comes in three editions, each with different additional tracks. All three covers feature two people dressed up as The White Stripes, but are noticeably different people. The first CD and the 7" feature the couple in the same order as Get Behind Me Satan, with 'Jack' on the right. The second CD version features 'Jack' on the left.

In an NPR interview, Jack White referred to "Blue Orchid" as the song that saved the album.[2] He has denied that the song relates to the ending of his relationship with Renée Zellweger.

The video for "Blue Orchid" was on Yahoo!'s Top Twenty Scariest Music Videos of all Time, charting at number 13. It features Karen Elson, a model whom would marry Jack White soon after the shoot. The video, which was directed by Floria Sigismondi, ends with a horse, its hooves raised in the air, about to stomp on Elson, but just before the hooves land on her, the video quickly goes black, ending.

Track listingEdit

CD VersionEdit

  1. Blue Orchid
  2. Who's A Big Baby?
  3. Though I Hear You Calling I Will Not Answer
  4. You've Got Her In Your Pocket (live)

7" VersionEdit

  1. Blue Orchid
  2. The Nurse


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  2. NPR interview with The White Stripes
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