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"Lafayette Blues" is a single by The White Stripes. However, only "Sugar Never Tasted So Good" appeared on the bands eponymous debut album, The White Stripes. 1,000 copies were released in October of 1998 (see 1998 in music) on white vinyl. In 2001 a second edition of 1000 black vinyl were released.

The lyrics of "Lafayette Blues" are a list of french names of streets in the band's hometown, Detroit, Michigan. Although the lyrics have changed over time, and are not always sung the same way, here is how they are recited on the recorded version: "Marantette, Leverette, Lannette, Lafayette, Livernois, Labrosse, Louis, Metatal, Rochelle, Marcelle, Riopelle, Manistique, and Armour, ohh, ohh, hmmmmmmm, Mercier, Le May, Tournier, Salliote, and Le Roy, Montlieu, Cadieux, Neveaux Avenue En Detroit, well i'm ready teddy, i'm ready, ready teddy to rock n roll. Lamphere, Belle Terre, Marcelle, Metetal, Rouge, Le Blanc."

Track listing Edit

  1. "Lafayette Blues"
  2. "Sugar Never Tasted So Good"

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