The number Three is a stange obsession of Jack White's. The number appears scattered around the White Stripes songs, album pictures and more.

Below is an incomplete list of appearances of 3 in the band's material. There is no proof asserting that any of these are deliberate or coincedental:

  • Jack White signs 'III' below his message in most albums' booklets.
  • The White Stripes' record label is named Third Man Records.
  • Many things Jack uses, like amplifiers and guitar picks, contain '3' or 'III' on them
  • When asked about his obsession, he related to 'The Big Three Killed My Baby' - "It's three chords and three verses, and we accent threes together all through that".
  • On the back cover of the album Elephant, all of the 3s are in red.
  • On the inside cover of White Blood Cells, to the right there is a film camera with a 3 on it.
  • On the cover for Elephant, Jack and Meg are sitting on a circus trunk. On the trunk, there is a 'III'.
  • When the album Icky Thump was released, there were limited edition USB flash versions of the album, with stylized illustrations of Jack and Meg. There were 3,333 units made with Jack on them, and 3,333 ones with Meg.
  • On the cover to the 'The Hardest Button To Button' single, there is a cartoon hand reaching down to push a button with a 3 on it.
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